We’ve already given Marcos Maidana props on Saturday for doing what so many other fighters before him hadn’t done and seemed in the fight for all 12 rounds with Floyd Mayweather. He could have scored an even larger knockdown outside of the ring Saturday night.

After walking out following the fight at the MGM Grand Garden crowd on Saturday night, Maidana almost got into a scuffle with Lil Wayne and his entourage, Lil Twist present as well. From what scuttlebutt is getting passed around, Maidana’s entourage threw a water bottle at Wayne and the Martian wasn’t having none of it. Crowds had to be separate, Weezy damn near got lifted off the ground and placed in the back from one of his handlers and all parties wound up having cooler heads afterwards.

Had Maidana landed anything on Wayne there would have been two things — lawsuits and a pushback of Tha Carter V. Maidana more than likely would have used Wayne for one last sparring partner before he got in the ring with Money May, considering that both of them are both near 5’5″ in height, believe me.