There is a force in music more powerful than even Beyoncé. Her name is Adele.

For two consecutive years (2011-12), Adele’s 21 album outsold every other album it was placed near. A feat unheard of in today’s music climate, the singer netted nearly every Grammy Award she was nominated for, including Album of the Year in one of the more predictable choices in recent memory.

Following a three year hiatus from recording new material except for the theme to the James Bond film Skyfall which netted her an Oscar, Adele tweeted Saturday night a hint that her third album, presumably titled 25 was in the can and was set to be released later this year.

Right in line with her previous efforts 19 (recorded when she was 19 and released in January 2008) and 21 (recorded when she was 21 years old and released after she turned 22 in January 2011), 25 immediately rushes past plenty of names thinking of recording new albums this year as the most anticipated release of the year.