Saturday night almost seemed like fate, or at least karmic for Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

The pound-for-pound king didn’t dominate Marcos Maidana like he had other opponents, especially not as lopsided as his victories were over Robert Guerrero, Canelo Alvarez and Juan Manuel Marquez. Maidana fought all twelve rounds, kept attacking and coming at Mayweather, almost even tackling him in the 11th round and giving him a rare cut above his eye in the 4th but it wasn’t enough to unseat Money.

Floyd Joy Mayweather, Jr. left the MGM Grand Garden Arena last night still undefeated, $32 million richer and the owner of two of the three recognized belts in the welterweight division. There’s immediate talks of a rematch between the two as Mayweather’s September opponent remains unnamed — and please, don’t let us get put down that Manny Pacquiao hole again because apparently somebody else wants to go after the Pac-Man.


When Jim Gray has to be the voice of reason for a few things, you know you’re trying to do the heel thing a bit too hard. Still not aware of himself following his humbling by Maidana last December, Adrien Broner returned to the ring last night and dispatched Carlos Molina, albeit nowhere near his pre-Maidana dominance where his power would end things early and then he’d deliver a worthy arrogant and embarrassing post-fight interview.

But then he went here.

So much not only for our week of kumbaya race relations and unifications, but so much for Broner ever truly getting it. Then again, if Maidana turning him into a meme wasn’t enough, what do you think Pacquiao could do if they ever get in the ring together? Not only did Broner obnoxiously bring Rick Ross with him to ringside to perform “Box Chevy”, he also decided to wear his face on his socks per his ring gear.

Humble No Humble.