When he’s squarely focused and not mailing things in, Lil Wayne can argue he’s one of the best rappers alive still. Thus, motivation has been the main detraction from Wayne’s catalog after he got back from being in the clink for 8 months. Recently that fire has been growing again, from “Senile” to “Thug Cry” and now it arrives again on “Believe Me”, the first track we know will appear on Tha Carter V. With he & Drake once more going back and forth between verses, Tune sounds hungrier than normal, “Come and fight these shell casings like a lawyer,” he spits, and not soon after comes a “whip that like a” simile that shows that is at least not out of his system.

Drake lives at V-Live getting women out of debt, Wayne can get roses tossed at his feet and not touch a single one. It’s the kind of chest thumping shit talk you’d expect from these two over plodding production from Boi-1da & Vinylz. Call it a hunch but expect this on radio in the coming weeks. C5, Wayne’s purported final LP is coming down the line.