“These are real stories, a lot of my nights drinking, partying…

Here’s the early prognostication on Yves of The Niceguys’ upcoming EP series. One, Sincerely, Yves is set to be released May 6th. Secondly there’s about as many moments on the particular EP that are the direct result of a lot of Yves’ nights. Third, there’s no sense of crafting nicknames or pseudonyms around the Queens to Houston rapper – Yves is simple enough. “BLUR” is another one of those creations from the rapper, always quizzical and pensive and here he gets to take his own life and actions via alcohol to task via the production of Dorian & Mel from The Outfit, TX. “I’m using up all of my verbs clown, action in all of my words pal,” he slinks around on the hollowed out production, moving from one hazy night of drinking to the next with no end in sight.

Stream the DJBooth premiere below.