Ah yes, our time to revisit Fabolous’ The Soul Tape 3.

Nearly six months after its initial release, Fabolous’ third offering in the series may have been its most talked about due to two things — his initial response in attempting to find a studio to record his response to Kendrick Lamar’s NYC rap bait of a verse on “Control” and “Cuffin’ Season”, a fun record where he name dropped Raymond Felton and in an Instagram/hashtag society felt apropos. In the long run, there’s no telling what it’ll do to Fab’s career, now over 15-years old which is a lifetime in NYC rap years. But “Cuffin’ Season” gets a new lease on life thanks to its video premiered on RevoltTV and Fab’s punchline work always been revered despite not having a proper album release in what seems like ages.

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