Prince - The Breakdown

Well, that didn’t take long.

Not even a full day after news broke that Prince would be re-aligning himself with Warner Bros. Music to re-issue his entire catalog and perhaps a new album as well, The Purple One took to Twitter to unveil a brand-new single just before midnight, entitled “The Breakdown.”

His first major new release since “Breakfast Can Wait,” “The Breakdown” is a classic Prince ballad, built for the ’80s – and all but a modern homage to the Purple Rain soundtrack – but born into 2014 to sound the return of The Purple One. Prince spins a tale of anguish and falling prey to memories of an old lover who left a big impression. He talks a “big ass house with a pool,” parties on New Year’s Eve, “making up in places that you would never believe,” and more, all of which got crushed once his lover left him. As far as breakdowns go, one never sounded so painful yet so good.

Stream Prince’s new single “The Breakdown” down below and nab it off iTunes now.