On April 17 the West and Left Coasts collided as YG rode his My Krazy Life wave into Houston.

While Dorrough has found immense support from the West Coast since his breakthrough on a national level, there were some among the crowd confused as to why a Dallas native was opening for YG while in Houston. Though to be fair, he hasn’t lost the stage presence or energy that first launched him outside of Texas and can still rock a crowd, debuting a new track and delivering fan favorites including “Get Big,” “Drugs in the Club” and of course “Ice Cream Paint Job.”

After a DJ set from official radio mainstay DJ Mustard, the crowd largely stood restless as they waited for an extended period of time for YG to hit the stage. After a lead up of “O Fortuna” (because every gangster rapper needs to be led out like he’s about to crush the world), the curtain parted to reveal a house prop built on stage, complete with “400” listed as the address above the door. From inside the house itself, YG walked out the door full of confidence and energy.

It’s easy to see why the Compton native has done so well in transitioning to the national stage. If Kendrick Lamar brought the West Coast back, YG is reminding everyone who originated gangster rap. Reenacting his entire My Krazy Life debut, tracks like “Bickin Back Being Bool” and “BPT” came to life on stage, while “Meet the Flockers” tale of home invasions hit home in a new way as the lyrics were paired with live visuals.

“Left, Right” saw YG pull three (overly) eager women from the audience, bringing back memories of an early Luke concert for those who can remember the raunchy concerts of the 90s. At the end of it all, YG fans were treated to an excellent show full of energy and glorious ratchetness; while those not as familiar with the Compton native were reminded that California does indeed know how to party.

Things You Overhear At A YG Concert:
“Why did I wear heels to a concert? I’m about to take my shoes off and get it in.”

Things You Witness At At YG Concert:
A young lady politely walk around the barricade in order to grab a ladder to sit down on. Yes an actual ladder.

The People You See At A YG Concert:
A mixture of suburban non minority teens, West Coast fans, and angry women.


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Photography by @GregNoire