Saturday, the Chicago Bulls will embark on another playoff journey that somehow will lead them into a series of consequence in the second round or even further. Even without Luol Deng, the Bulls have sludged along thanks to the play of MVP candidate Joakim Noah and some steady defense and influence from head coach Tom Thibodeaux.

But, if you’re a Bulls fan then you’re also noticing that guy on the end of the bench in the nice suit is hurt. And was hurt — again. Derrick Rose’s life since winning the 2011 MVP has been more lemons than lemonade. The basketball gods have been cruel to Chicago and according to one Bulls fan – even the action figures are cruel too.


I hope Rose’s story has a happy ending where he’s back to 100% and the Bulls keep being annoying pests to whomever it is in the East trying to win a title. But damn man, that’s just cruel and unusual punishment.