Tuesday, August Alsina became arguably the realest R&B singer available when he checked Keisha Chanté during a taping of ‘106 & Park’ in regards to his beef with Trey Songz. Thursday, the singer made an appearance on Sway In The Morning to promote his Testimony album as well as shed light to what happened on ‘106 & Park’.

According to August, he felt played by the brass at ‘106’ when he already explained to them how he didn’t want to talk about the Trey beef. To him, the segment quickly spiraled into a gunfight gone wrong.

“I was played, man. Here’s the thing. I look like the bad guy right now because of how I been portrayed. Really, people don’t know. First of let me say, I ain’t no bitch, I ain’t no hoe, I ain’t no p*ssy, I ain’t no pushover. None of the above. So nobody… don’t play with me! Like, lead me to believe something that is not. If you tell me we ain’t gon talk about this when I ask you… You lied right to my face! So don’t blindside me!

“So it’s like, all of us we going to war around this muthafucka…with each other. We all on the same squad and then as soon as we get out there bustin’ at niggas, ya’ll just start shooting at me, “boom, boom!” So you got to prepared for me to bust back at you if you don’t kill me. And that’s what it is! So I was played.”

As far as apologies? Oh, Al isn’t doing any of that either.

““Me and Stephen Hill..shout out to Stephen Hill over at BET. We had a real conversation and it’s love, but I don’t like the way I was portrayed because I’m not a bad nigga and I what was exhausting (?) is for me to try to show you that I’m a good guy when I know who I am. It’s too exhausting, man. But I was played. And if anybody feel like I disrespected her or whatever, it’s like, “Okay, cool! Fuck you, too!” and that’s what it is.”