R&B singers maybe more than others know how to translate pain and legacy into tracked out points of escape and tribute. They aren’t spur of the moment type of deals, one offs just to fit and and feel like they’re part of something – they literally embody parallel thought patterns. For latin singers, there may be no bigger martyr of success just before becoming a transcendent figure than Selena.

Gone nearly 20 years now, the Corpus Christi born singer still may be outlined as the definitive crossover Latin singer and if rising hearthrob Jonathas has any say in it, her legacy will continue on through him and others like him. “Selena” is the lead single from The Foreigner III, a track that is a full on celebration of the life and legacy of the fallen singer. “She was our Aaliyah … our Amy Winehouse,” he says about the Tejano mega star. “It’s only right we take time out to remember and celebrate.”

The Foreigner III is out May 13th and is hosted by Don Cannon.