On May 14th Bad Boy creator Sean Combs will return to Washington, D.C. in order to deliver this year’s commencement speech at Howard University, his own alma mater.

In a statement released by current Howard President Wayne Frederick, “We are honored to have Mr. Combs serve as our speaker. He sat in classrooms where our students sit, walked “The Yard,” and like many students, his entrepreneurial spirit was sparked at Howard.”

Originally attending the historically Black university in the late 1980s before leaving to pursue a career within the music industry, since then, the now 44 year-old Combs has gone on to set himself apart as a hip-hop mogul, entertainer, and entrepreneur. Most recently, Combs launched his own cable TV station, Revolt TV, which provides all-music content.

Yet there is one more accolade to be added to his list of accomplishments, as it has been revealed that Combs will be bestowed with an honorary Doctorate degree in recognition of his immense contributions to his field.

Also to be honored are Jazz icon Benny Golson, Indra Nooyi CEO of Pepsi, transplant surgeon Clive Callender, and CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer.

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