We’ve been saying it for years now, Nicki Minaj minus the theatrics and over the top wardrobe choices is nothing compared to minimal, “regular” Minaj. Last night proved no different as the rapper/actress was effortlessly flawless last night as she appeared on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards. The co-star of the upcoming romantic comedy The Other Woman was draped in a long black fitted Alexander McQueen dress adorned with gold cuffs and barely there make-up which accentuated her natural beauty. The simple yet sexy look proved that sometimes less is more. Kudos to Nicki’s glam squad who has most recently transformed Nicki’s style from Harijuku Barbie back to sexy Trini.

But we know what you’re also here for, the one thing that’ll never go away with Barbie – that ass. We can’t wait to see what Nicki Minaj and her team come up with next.