When the Atlanta Hawks defeated the Miami Heat last night, they not only booked their ticket to the Eastern Conference leg of the playoffs but also officially locked out the New York Knicks from playoff contention. It brought an unceremonious end to the Knicks’ roller-coaster of a season, where at times star power forward Carmelo Anthony flourished and at others the team just couldn’t consistently get it done enough to remain in the top six rankings of the East. The Knicks were all but dead in the water heading into the All-Star break but they found new life in March, especially as the Indiana Pacers and Hawks started struggling at times.

Already, people are looking ahead to what next season might bring for the star-crossed Knicks franchise, especially regarding Carmelo – who will miss the playoffs for the first-time in his NBA career and who many anticipate will become a free agent this summer (cue the “Melo to Houston” campaign) – and newly minted President of Basketball Operations Phil Jackson, who is expected to do some serious overhauling and restructuring of the team in the off-season.

A video, put together by @World_Wide_Wob, surfaced on youtube today setting some of New York’s finest – and not-so-finest – moments to the tune of Luther Vandross’s cover of “One Shining Moment,” a song reserved as the bittersweet anthem of the NCAA college basketball season but which seems to fit perfectly the conclusion to the Knicks’ season. And so, Knicks fans, before you start looking to the future, let us reflect on how you got here and hope for the best, while remembering you aren’t the worst. At least you’re not the Lakers or Bucks, right?