There was zero way Nas’ Coachella set could get pulled the same way OutKast’s was the night before. Here, the kid with the chipped tooth now fixed from Queensbridge only had one mission – bang out all nine tracks from his seminal debut album Illmatic that lasts not even 45 minutes long and leave. No threats of overages, awkwardness or any in between.

But, there was one neat wrinkle in Nasir’s 43 minute Coachella set. DJ Green Lantern cut in between his performance of “The World Is Yours” right around the famous “Presidents to represent me” line and out came Jay Z, sauntering out in a BK hat and black jacket to perform his verse from “Dead Presidents II”. Hov stayed around for a bit to congraulate the Queensbridge emcee on 20 years with an album he determined at one point was the only hot record in his entire catalog to perform “Where I’m From”.

“Who’s the best emcee, Biggie Jay Z or Nas?!” he questioned. Even with running through the entirety of Illmatic, Nas wasn’t finished. He closed with three non-94 crowd pleasers, “Made You Look”, “Hate Me Now” and “One Mic”, with Puff himself hitting all the adlibs on “Hate Me Now”.

Nas Coachella Setlist
The Genesis”
“N.Y. State of Mind”
“Life’s a Bi**h”
The World Is Yours”
“Dead Presidents” (Jay Z)
“Where I’m From” (Jay Z)
“Memory Lane”
“One Time 4 Your Mind”
“One Love”
“It Ain’t Hard To Tell”
“Made You Look”
“Hate Me Now” (with Puffy)
“One Mic”