Here’s what the internet has dug up in regards to BOOTS, the rather hidden yet open singer/producer who made his bones putting together a few tracks on Beyoncé’s Beyoncé album. The man born Jordy Asher has been the frontman for more than few share of bands but hadn’t gained much traction outside of his own solo work. Plus, he likes to drop new material in suite packs for mass consumption so there’s always that to live with. Two new cuts, “My Heart Is A Stone Today (Unharmed)” & “Sheep/Lookin Muthafucka (Lude II)” surfaced on his Soundcloud page today both ripe with plenty of flourishing arrangements in both a rapping and singing sense along with biting lyrics. He’s also got a full length project on the way entitled WinterSpringSummerFall that according to him is done. Stream both of the new cuts including some Boots production for Kwane’s latest track “Into The Gray” with Margot below.