Tony Del Freshco - Jezebel (f. King Sal)

Perhaps we should call Tony Del Freshco the Clutch City Isaac Hayes.

After all, Del Freshco channels ’70s soul bounce on his newest collaborative single with AC Gutta, “Jezebel,” which also features King Sal, the newest addition to the Bless The Fresh brand. Carried forward by a sample of Sade’s classic track of the same name, Del Freshco and AC lay out quotables on “Jezebel” (the latter especially with his clever line, “And she can’t fade me – I’m no taper”), insisting that they’re not letting women distract them from their respective missions and yet falling prey to these women just the same. And King Sal, as the closer, stands in a stark contrast to his co-collaborators, a more pensive voice whose delivery is less epic but whose verse is perhaps the most captivating of them all (“That’s just how the game go: some hoes sell dreams, some n*ggas slang dope”). Couple this with Sade’s voice on the hook serving as a haunting if ominous falsetto and “Jezebel” is all but the perfect track to play during the end credits of a Superfly or Shaft.

Tony Del Freshco’s October Sky project – as well his joint project with AC Gutta Quality Over Quantity II – is headed our way later this year.