Kennedy Brown_Drake

UPDATE: Score one for Drake fulfilling Kennedy’s wish.


For 15 year-old Houston-area Carnegie Vanguard High School student Kennedy Brown, the quote “Life is too short” has taken on a sobering reality, as she bravely fights against the brain cancer that has ravaged her system. Despite being diagnosed with the disease at the tender of age of 13, Kennedy has continued to live her life to the best of her abilities, inspiring others along the way. Most recently, Brown has found herself moved into hospice care; and yet still, she fights.

Realizing that Kennedy might likely be robbed of the typical high school experience due to her condition, Brown’s friends and family banded together to bring the experience to her: they staged an impromptu prom – one in which she was crowned Prom Queen – and Carnegie High’s principal presented the Houston teen with an honorary degree.

“To see her go through this, it just makes me really sad,” said Lyric Baldridge, a friend who has assisted with organizing special events for Kennedy.

While numerous individuals and organizations including Houston Rockets mascot “Clutch” have stepped in to meet Kennedy and support the girl in her journey, there is a slightly larger star that Kennedy has her heart set on meeting – one Aubrey Drake Graham. No stranger to the city, with numerous references and relations to the area, Drake could easily be considered an honorary Houstonian. Supporters of Kennedy are hoping that Drake’s connection to Houston, coupled with the complicated nature of Kennedy’s circumstances in her fight against cancer, will be strong enough to entice the Canadian star to arrange a special visit to the ailing teen.

In an interview with KTRK Channel 13, Payton Campbell, Kennedy’s classmate, encouraged viewers to “[hashtag] #DrakeForKen, so we can get him to come see her or send something for her, because that would mean the world to her.”

In an age where social media is so entrenched within the lives of most people and social networking has made awareness and accessibility so much quicker (most recently resulting in a Houstonian high school student landing a date with a Houston Texans’ cheerleader), it would be refreshing to see “The Power of Twitter” used once more to put a smile on a young woman’s face.

Here’s to you, Kennedy. #DrakeForKen

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