I used to always joke that the Chachos on Westheimer a few blocks away from Slick Willie’s was the spot for anything you did after the club. It showed you that the same chick you were grinding on moments before more than likely pulled a vampire trick on you and looked absolutely nothing like she did in the light. Then you’d laugh with your boys, eat a plate of King Kong Nachos (or in my instance, pancakes) and go about the rest of your night.

Well apparently last Wednesday two sisters tried to get a refund from a manager who had taken their order. His response was a simple “no”, all because he felt that one of the sisters was well, “a b*tch”. Then, in true viral video fashion, things escalate to a fight, curse words are thrown out left and right and consequences and repercussions were had.

Of course Chachos isn’t going to jump for their employee who called the customer “a b*tch” and initiated the fight so he along with two other employees were fired. Per a Chacho’s statement:

“We apologize for the unfortunate incident that took place in the late afternoon of April 2, 2014 at our Westheimer location. We have been in business at this location for 15 years and in our other restaurants for over 30 years and have never experienced such an incident before. As a result of our internal investigation, we have terminated the manager on duty and two employees.”

The lesson, as always, don’t do anything that may jeopardize your job. Don’t do anything that may jeopardize your job when there may be cameras involved and please, don’t ever jeopardize your job at a spot where more often than not — ratchet things occur at any given moment.