The Roots - When The People Cheer

For the last few years, The Legendary Roots Crew saw themselves become formally introduced to mainstream America playing the background to Jimmy Fallon’s talk-show run, first at the helm of “Late Night” and now currently kicking off the post-Leno era of NBC’s “The Tonight Show.” But if you’ve been keeping score with the OG hip-hop group, then you know that it really has been almost three years since The Roots dropped an album (2011’s narrative-on-wax Undun).

In 2014, The Roots are planning a grand return to the music and the rap heads that may have missed them while they’ve been doing work for a mostly new audience. With a new album slated for the close of this year – titled, interestingly enough, And Then You Shoot Your Cousin – lead man Black Thought took to Twitter to officially reveal the band’s new single, “When The People Cheer.”

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