We’ve been jokingly referring to Twitter as “the new Facebook” for years, following the latter’s opening itself up to non-college students and thus bringing along all kinds of spam marketing (hi, Jordan Heels and “get a free $100 Outback Steakhouse gift card by clicking on the link), fake accounts, and more even as its “Pages” function has allowed celebrities and emerging companies (including ours) to expand their brands. As a result, young adults have in general gravitated towards Twitter and let their parents, siblings, and younger family members populate the Book of Face while they indulge in Twitter’s more stream-of-consciousness feel. Although it certainly doesn’t hurt that Twitter has revolutionized the way we “break” news as well.

However, in the last two years, the social networking platform with a bluebird logo has been trying to find ways to make its interface more and more user friendly, and Twitter teased plans for a “new layout” that would break out later this month. Earlier today, Twitter officially broke news on its new layout. And… well, it looks a little familiar.

The new Twitter “web profile” will boast features such as a larger profile photo (take that, Catfish. Your small avi’s won’t have anywhere to hide now), a custom banner image header, and the ability to “filter” the kinds of tweets you see when viewing someone else’s profile (that is, if you want to see just tweets or tweets with images attached to them). The new web profile will also have something called Pinned Tweets, which will allow you to “pin” a single tweet to the top of your page on some your favorite quote type deal; and Best Tweets, which will make tweets that get the most interaction (that is, more favorites or retweets) appear larger than others on your timeline profile.

The new Twitter layout will be given to new Twitter users immediately, though for established accounts, the layout will gradually reveal itself over the course of April. Some of the more popular people on Twitter, however, like First Lady Michelle Obama and Scandal star Kerry Washington, have already adopted the new layout. It’s fancy and a bit more visually appealing and maybe it’s just me, but… it’s beginning to look a lot like Facebook. Time will tell if that’s good or bad.