We’ve long considered Philadelphia Freeway as one of the last true great things Roc-A-Fella gave us before their dynasty started to crumble and we’ve long said that Gregg Gillis has pretty much set a standard for sampling and crafting som eof the best mixes in the history of the universe. Thus, seeing the two come together is almost like one of those unlikely duo tandems that you hear about in wrestling.

Only, it isn’t. Girl Talk & Freeway have been trying to hammer their Broken Ankles EP together with an iron fist, putting out some feeler music before offering the main course, a wide-ranging project with features from Waka Flocka Flame, Young Chris & Jadakiss all while Free’s off kilter beat riding flow gets to act like it’s going to exist on the world’s most spellbounding roller coaster. THe best Freeway is when he’s been steered by stellar production. We learned that on The Stimulus Package with Jake One and it remains the same here. Dig in, enjoy, breathe because you may not get anything like this the rest of the month.