Most of the time, these heartwarming stories (such as the teen who gained passage way to ALL eight Ivy League schools with his impressive academic resume) will be greatly mentioned in the media for a few days and then fizzle out. Celebrate the anomaly of accomplishment in a sense. But for 17-year old Oakland teenager Akintunde Ahmad, you’re going to need about a week’s worth of news coverage.

As my favorite Bay Area transplant not named Hammer or Bonds can attest, Oakland isn’t one of the roses on the bush that is Americana. More like the West Coast’s answer to the rose that grew from concrete. Ahmad most certainly represents that with an academic resume that seems too good to be true – a 5.0 GPA, a 2100 score on his SAT and incredible baseball prowess. Already Yale is fetting the services of the kid as they’ve offered him a baseball scholarship on the spot.

So drink up black America, whether you be Nigerian or American – your children are becoming the shining stars this generation needs.