Stop me if you’ve heard this before.

James Harden, bearded assassin, king of the strip club, hit a three pointer to tie a crazy game that the Houston Rockets should have had no business losing in the first place.

It happened at home against Portland last month and it happened again last night against Denver. The Nuggets, obviously inspired by former Rockets guard Aaron Brooks absolutely going off to the tune of 24 points and 15 dimes ate up whatever record craziness the Rockets did in the second quarter (47 points!) to take a late lead in the 4th quarter.

Then The Beard happened again, getting the ball late after the Evan Fournier celebrated a bit too early when the Nuggets went up double-digits late in the game. Jab step, step back, sorry Randy Foye your arms are too short to block out this shot.

Harden’s shot wound up propelling the Rockets to their 51st win of the season, 130 – 125 in OT.