The D.A.R.E. program obviously never met Scarlett Johansson’s Lucy.

Okay, that’s our one drug related pun of the entire post. Lucy stars Johansson as the titular character who gets kidnapped and has drugs thrown into her stomach. Said drugs are actually chemicals which begin ripping inside of ScoJo (c. Hannibal Burress) and she taps into that other 90% of your brain that the 10% just so happens to always block off. Oh, and Morgan Freeman steps in as the neuroscientist who plays ScarJo’s mentor and teaches her to control her newfound powers of being a super genius who can move things with her mind, seem impervious to pain, change her appearance at the snap of her fingers and be a straight up bad ass.

You know who directed this? Luc Besson, the same guy who gave us The Fifth Element and The Professional just to name a few. In order words, this might be your action movie pick for August, supernatural Scarlett Johansson kicking ass all over the place? We’re there.