What the hell has gotten into Jay Z recently? First he’s making tracks with Jay Electronica over Soulja Boy beats that make him sound as energized as he’s been in years, lobbing shots at Drake and reigniting their mini Cold War, following/unfollowing Joe Budden on Twitter in some really petty stuff and now thanks to a redidit user, tossing out new material that doesn’t have much of a story behind it.

“Everything Is Blue”, presumably off of another “secret” Jay Z album samples The Dells’ “I Can Sing A Rainbow/Love Is Blue,” and pretty much confirms that whatever the track might be following the 30 seconds we’ve been allotted to hear – it’s a song about his toddler who’s two years old and pretty much about to be fussy for the new few years or so. So here’s what we’re left with – Jay Z, obviously on a rather interesting high, adjusting his #NewRules to adhere to the internet’s game of stumble, shock and discuss. Fair play Hov, fair play.