For seven months of his life during that wide-eyed and precocious age that is 19-years-old, Johnathon Johnson was homeless. The Houston rapper thought about suicide (eight attempts including one purposefuly with herion), no longer enamored with dealing with the unsheltered streets of Houston from Bellaire to 59 and beyond but then music changed all of it.

The now 24 year old rapper can chart his star-crossed turn at life from growing up in uncomfortable positions on the East Side of the city, be put to sleep thanks to codeine when he was a baby, developed a drug habit, joined a gang and flipped schools from North Shore (classmates with Kirko Bangz) to Forest Brook and that sour period where thanks to his mom choosing new love over family — wound up on the streets in 2009.

Houston Musem Of Natural Science, his debut project is the showing of more than a thousand songs and hooks, concepts and thoughts all funneled into one 9-track album via Potholes Music. The Museum to him represents a world beyond, and by leading the tape off with Pimp C’s legendary Atlanta interview, he’s immediately pulling in listeners through a laid back verse that is pensive, quizzical and always open to be interpreted. Much like the thoughts of a quiet man who says very little but every word gives a sentence even greater importance.

Jazzy and smoked out, Houston Museum Of Natural Science sounds like X, the son of a female Black Panther about as militant without picking up a tool as you can get. Vocally compared to Raekwon minus the shaolin tactics and more of a Houston bleakness, X toys around with more lined out parables of life than punchlines. It may feel autobiographical at times but HMNS is just a decade of life pieced together in a rather polished way,