HBO has so much faith in True Detective that it’s pitting its newest critically acclaimed show against some of the other best dramas on television at this year’s primetime Emmy Awards.

The gritty gothic crime drama which starred Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey and was written by Nic Pizzolatto has netted HBO not only massive viewership (over 11 million over multiple platforms) but acclaim for once more putting out one of the best shows on television. The show will be fighting with the final arch of Walter White’s meth kingpin Breaking Bad, Netflix darling House Of Cards and Game Of Thrones for the coveted Best Drama Series Emmy.

HBO opted to pull True Detective out of the reinstated Best Miniseries category despite it being a near lock to win over a show like American Horror Story and place it in much stiffer competition. Given the buzz of McConaughey who recently won an Academy Award for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club and how fresh the show is in the minds of the general public, it might be a gambit that pays off.

The Primetime Emmy Awards will air in August.

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