Well, Baltimore might have finally found another reason to have a new season of The Wire.

Apparently thieves in Baltimore County decided to either have the ultimate turn up or listened to a year’s worth of Jack Freeman’s music as they broke into a facility, hooked up to a storage container and stole over $500,000 worth of Hennessy. Per NBC 4 Washington:

Shortly before 5 a.m. March 16, thieves broke into a fenced-in parking area in the 7000 block of Quad Avenue, police said. They hooked a truck up to a cargo container carrying 2,142 bottles of Hennessy worth $514,000 and cut the lock to a gate to leave the area.

Like any great robbery, of course the main goods were going to be gone. Right?

The truck and trailer were recovered Tuesday at Monroe and Mulberry streets in Baltimore, but the cognac was gone, police said.

Did the thieves drink it all? Did they sell it for cheap? Did they talk to Jack and determine the best way was to market his music was with bottles and bottles of Henn? Who knows but at least we’re well aware of somebody getting pretty loaded off the greatest cognac in history.

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