“F*ck Nick Cannon!” – Dave Chappelle

I don’t know what powers Nick Cannon talked to God in order to obtain the women he has had in his life but frankly, you have to be accountable for corny things.

And Nick Cannon, as confident as he is in not only getting checks but bagging some of the most beautiful women to grace this planet — is a cornball to the highest degree.

His latest stunt to promote his White People Party Music album (yes, it’s an album because there’s a single called “Pajama Pants” with Migos & Future, I sh*t you not) has him dressing up in white face as “Connor Smallnut” because … apparently Nick Cannon still think in 2014 that dressing up in whiteface or even blackface is pretty damn funny. It’s the equivalent of “white people do this vs. black people do this” comedy and that’s about as tired as you can get in the joke-sphere.

Now, let’s bring some context to this. Dave Chappelle did nick-cannon-white-faceit when he was a newscaster on Chappelle’s Show, so did Martin and Eddie Murphy pretty much set the tone for all of it on Saturday Night Live about thirty years ago. Nick Cannon attempting to pull off the stunt isn’t funny, much like his “adult” comedy where he’s cursing and trying to be edgy. To be controversial in any sense and have it fly, you have to be funny. We don’t laugh when misguided college kids try to play like Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj and fail and we’re not going to find this humorous at all.

I have zero idea what edge Nick Cannon has. Would stepping away from a Starbucks and hitting a Dunkin’ Donuts count? Help me out people.

Back to the point.

The major point of why this shall infuriate every single critical thinker in America is quite simple – it’s going to invite a parade of think pieces and discussion points on “who” can wear white/blackface almost in the same guise as “who” can say the N-word. Needless to say, I’m not here for it. I wish it wouldn’t happen but it will and I’ll probably deliver 100+ side eyes to every article and comment. When all of it really should be summed up with Chappelle’s sentiments on Nick back in 2004.