With apologies to Kellen Lutz, this is the Hercules adaptation we were waiting for. No disrespect to the actor but if we’re talking Greek mythology ratcheted up more than seven notches you need The Rock and you need director Brett Ratner to deliver the goods.

Now, Ratner’s version of the Greek demigod is vastly different from the Disney story we grew up on for starters. This version, based on an adaptation of Steve Moore and Admira Wijaya’s comic with The Rock in the lead role features our hero as some sort of animal ass kicking mercenary who just completed the 12 Labors and is exiled. So he bands with his five most loyal companions and hunt for gold – and little else.

So I’m going to assume this, The Rock is Hercules and he gets paid upon the difficulty of slaying animals without using weapons. Typical XBOX/PS4 achievement type stuff. But that’s merely the joke. Check the trailer below and be prepared for Hercules when it arrives in theaters in July.