What exactly do you make of Chamillionaire as 2014?

He’s still a technical marvel, one of the city’s bright spots when it comes to charisma and skill yet he’s gone so global that its rare he gets mentioned with the current crop of Houston rap. He’s an OG, shockingly enough, one of the forebears of the comedic braggadocio that filters through the city’s DNA today. “End Of A Knife”, with its Spanish guitars from Kato Producer finds Chamillionaire reminiscing about three separate incidents, an ex, all triggered by watching the Super Bowl of all things, a terrible roommate who somehow got the best women and more. He sounds like a more rapid Devin The Dude on “End OF A Knife,” and couple that with his appearance on Trakksounds & Rapid Ric’s Intervention Vol. 2 tape, maybe a full length Cham album is on the way.

On his own terms, of course.