How’s everyone’s NCAA Tournament bracket? Burnt to a crisp? After yesterday, only 80,000+ perfect brackets remained, meaning 80% of America can’t do this with Warren Buffett. After last night’s major upsets of Oklahoma and Ohio State by North Dakota State and Dayton respectively, surely Friday couldn’t be any crazier?

Wrong. Ask #3 seed Duke.

The sounds of tears you hear from across the blogosphere and college basketball are coming from Duke fans as they just lost in the 2nd Round (oh who are we kidding, it’s the 1st Round) of the NCAA Tournament for the second time in three years, this time falling to 14 seed Mercer 78 – 71.

How did Mercer guard Kevin Canevari celebrate? By hitting the Nae Nae.

Huah all over your brackets.

A serious bonus to the kid who hit the robot during his coach’s post game interview. You sir, are a saint.

Images via March Madness, CJZero & Jose3030