The debut video for Le$’ Expansion Pack is sort of art imitating a moment in life. Maybe a year or two ago, the first legitimate conversation I had with the guy who puts out more material in the state inside of SF2 at their (now defunct) South location. Somehow we spent more time talking about other rappers and their career choices as opposed to me buying anything.

But there he was, appreciative, receptive, open behind the counter. Now looking at him cracking jokes about “fake ass rappers” while pushing the wheel on his emerald E36 and you can clearly see why his fan base will populate Twitter with adulation and kick off small moments where they wake up to his music, rap his music or just wait until he drops something new. The blueprint worked. So does Jorgey Films rather seamless video that transitions from Le$ dreaming about the chick in the store shopping for her boyfriend to that woman easing her way into the passenger seat.