One random Saturday afternoon, TheEgyptianOne asked me if I had heard anything about Jazmin Sisters. So like any natural novice to someone’s sound, I scanned YouTube and their Twitter profile, noticed a bunch of fan pages had popped up for them and noticed that they had top showings on television programs such as America’s Got Talent.

“You” however, with it’s SWV like opening run gives the LA based Asian-American sisters their first real shot at live on the pop charts. It’s bubbly, undeniable and carries enough of a retro future aspect to it that people will immediately look at the sisters and thank them for being children of a beloved era in R&B. Come to think of it, this may be the most dead period in the history of R&B when it comes to groups, no matter what side of the gender fight you’re on. Maybe the girls will kick start that vibe off again. If “You” has any staying power, and it probably will, then the rise of R&B groups similar to that of 112, Jagged Edge, Dru Hill et. al will kick off again.

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