“I am good at using guns & knives.”

That, ladies and gentlemen is what got Chris Brown not only kicked out of his Malibu rehab facility but also ordered to spend a month behind bars for violating his probation order. He also wanted to be moved to another rehab facility as opposed to spending time behind bars but Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin would have none of it.

Per FOX News

Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin said rehab officials reported to him that Brown said during a group session: “‘I am good at using guns and knives.’” His comment was in response to an exercise in which Brown was asked to reflect on things he was good or excelled at.

The facility cited three other violations of its rules, claiming Brown refused to take a drug test, made a statement that alarmed rehab officials, and was seen touching the elbow of a female client.

Brown will remain in jail until a scheduled probation violation hearing on April 23rd.