Chance The Rapper x James Blake - Save Yourself First

One of the more pleasant surprises off of singer James Blake’s 2013 Overgrown album was his collaboration with Chance the Rapper on the “Life Round Here (Remix).” A three-and-a-half minute opus about never letting the world get you down, the “Life Round Here (Remix)” was equal parts mellow and vulnerable. However, according to Chance the Rapper, it was something else before “Life Round Here” came around.

Earlier today, Chance took to twitter to unveil the “Social Experiment version” of the song, “Save Yourself First.” According to Chance, this was the original song before it evolved into what we now know as the “Life Round Here” (hence why the titular words found their way into the finished version’s hook). Roughly half the length of the “Life Round Here (Remix),” “Save Yourself First” ups the guitar strums and allows Chance’s nasally singing voice to take center stage, giving the track a smoothness – and an eerie feeling, even – that the finished product somewhat lacked.

Chance insists that “James never liked this version,” but I don’t have any problems with this one. Not at all.