Every time The Narrators link up with Just Brittany, the goal seems to revolve around offering something more than just her looks and sex appeal. Consider the video for “Blindman”, filled with unique symbols and the rather easy metaphor of a blind man, haggard yet spiritual (notice the cross wrapped around his wrist) trying to keep an eye on her. Yes, she’s surrounded by vixens under the direction of Chris L. of The Narrators but again, that’s sort of where we always are with Brittany. Her looks will be accentuated in the same vein that any hard hitting Texas-trap beat will try to pair themselves to her verses of individuality and power.

Even when you go to the rather simple and traditional route for Brittany, you understand everything even more. “Slow Bangin” featuring The Mo City Don (or Z-Ro as we all know him to be) sticks not to any predated Houston rap skit but it employs everything that makes Houston such a big little city. There’s the car culture swaying about, Brittany and Ro sticking up for localism, little kids generally excited to be in a rap video and the erstwhile belief that for a moment, nobody is bothered by anything and just simply can enjoy life. At least that’s where the treatment from Regina The Pen trickles down towards — that besides a pretty face and cartoonish measurements, Just Brittany has a few different sides to her, even while throwing her H up.