Lady Gaga Performs On The Doritos #BoldStage In An Exclusive Performance Benefitting Her Born This Way Foundation

After fusses over building permits and stage setups, Lady Gaga made the most of his SXSW Thursday night by doing things only Gaga would think of and consider. She showed up on the Doritos #BoldStage outside of Stubbs BBQ a little after 10 PM tied to a roasting spit like a piece of Texas BBQ for a performance of “Aura” off of ARTPOP album. The weirdest, wait, most Gaga moment of the night? Inviting performing artist Millie Brown on stage to help with “Swine”. Brown, noted for painting things with her own vomit, drank a green liquid and forced herself to vomit all over Gaga during the performance. Fuse has been running around all morning taking down videos of the performance so the image above will have to satisfy for now.

Then the two of them, in some sort of Thelma & Louise moment for them climbed atop a mechanical bull with a ball gag strapped to it and rode it with Gaga yelling “Fuck you pop music!”

The show, put on by Doritos as part of their #Bold campaign also benefited her own Born This Way Foundation and the entire set was meant to inspire and provoke others to doing so. Despite the S&M moments, the always kookiness of any Gaga performance which mixes vaudeville moments with moments of the absurd, she found a little time to deliver some quotes that will no doubt be featured in her keynote address to be delivered Friday.

“I love my fans because they always let me be myself and they don’t care what anybody says,” Gaga told the crowd. She is bold all by herself stripping down to a black bikini and fishnets in damn near 40 degree weather.