UPDATE: MONDAY (3/17), 11:08 AM CST
A third victim, Sandy Le has now died from their injuries suffered from the crash via KUVE.

UPDATE: FRIDAY (3/14), 5:15 PM CST
Owens has been formally charged with one count of capital murder in the March 12 crash according to the Austin-American Statesman. His bond is set at $3 million.


A night in front of the Mohawk Bar on Red River and 9th Street in Austin turned deadly as a driver attempted to evade arrest from police and instead plowed through a barricade, hitting at least 23 people early Thursday morning, killing two.

According to police chief Art Acevedo, 21-year old Rashad Charjuan Owens of Killeen of had been pulled over at a gas station near 9th street around 12:30 AM where he pulled off from police and drove into a couple riding on a moped, killing them both. The driver, a black male injured up to 23 people, five of which are critical in Austin area hospital and 35-year old Steven Craenmehr of Amsterdam & 27-year old Jamie West of Austin pronounced dead at the scene.

Owens was an aspiring musician who happened to have a show nearby. A father of six, Owens has prior criminal history, convicted of criminal trespassing in Killeen in 2010 and arrested in 2011 arrested in Fairbanks, Alaska on charges of being under the influence of marijuana and fleeing the scene of an accident. The latter charge was dismissed.

“I would urge you to respect the victims. I ask that on behalf of the deceased victims we do not post any videos all over YouTube,” Acevedo said. The incident caused the performance of Tyler, the Creator to be shut down as well as Red River until further notice. 10th and 11th streets will be closed until the morning.

Owens was tased and apprehended. He will be charged with two counts of capital murder as well as multiple counts of aggravated assault with a motor vehicle according to police. Formal charges are still pending.

Photo Cred: Jay Janner, AP