Le$ - Expansion Pack_cover

Le$ may have just been added to Curren$y’s Jet Life imprint, but let it be understood that the man has never taken a break and isn’t going to let a new alliance slow him down either. His most recent project, Gran Turismo, is still getting plenty of spins on our end, and yet Le$ felt it necessary to give it a bit more oomph in the form of an EP, entitled Expansion Pack.

With DJ Mr. Rogers serving as host and producer of sorts, Expansion Pack‘s six tracks aren’t intended to sate your appetite for good music entirely. As an expansion pack does for any given video game, so is Le$’s EP best enjoyed as something that enhances and adds to the listening experience that Gran Turismo was on its own. Its cover art is nostalgic and eye-catching to say the least – clearly inspired by the old-school Nintendo 64 videogame packaging – but you’re here for the music and the rapper doesn’t disappoint. Jet Life head honcho Curren$y serves as the only feature on the EP, providing a solid contribution to the song “Comic Books.”

Short and sweet, Expansion Pack should at least tide you over until we get an announcement of Le$’s next long mixtape under the Jet Life brand, which if his consistent release record holds true, should land just before the summer hits.

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