!llmind x Jay-Z x Notorious B.I.G. - Picasso Baby

We’re 24 hours removed from the day Christopher Wallace met his untimely demise, and while yesterday brought plenty of Notorious B.I.G. tributes, some were decent and others were like “Why did you even bother?”

Producer !llmind falls in that rare “Thank you, based god” category for B.I.G. tributes. For Biggie Remembrance Day, the producer mashed up a classic Big verse with Jay-Z’s “Picasso Baby,” off S. Carter’s recent Magna Carta Holy Grail LP, calling the result “Picasso Biggie.” But rather than just adding Biggie to the beat, !llmind also upgraded the instrumental with his own personal touch. So instead of a mellow piano and soft drums, we’re bombarded with heavy drums, a flute (yes, a FLUTE), and heavier bass from the minute the track hits the two-second mark.

It’s like “Brooklyn’s Finest” 2014, albeit painfully short at just under three minutes. If only it were just a little longer. Continue to Rest in Power, Biggie Smalls.