Almost ten years ago, Frank Miller made his career in Hollywood with arguably the slickest comic to movie adaptation in Sin City under the direction of Robert Rodriguez. The true to the source depiction of sex, violence, noir storytelling made it a surprising hit among fans and critics, worthy of multiple repeat viewings on cable television and the notion that sequels should be pumped out without a two year time frame.

Well as the addage goes, shit happens. And by “shit happens” in Hollywood we’re talking enough damage from script rewrites, busy schedules and more to put the sequel, A Dame To Kill For in limbo. Fast forward to 2012 and things get picked up to the point where this August, we go back to the black and white outlines of characters such as Marv, Nancy, Hartigan and even Johnny, Jessica Alba dancing in that club and a wide range of characters played by the likes of Bruce Willis, Dennis Haysbert, Jeremy Piven, Mickey Rourke, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Josh Brolin, Ray Liotta, Rosario Dawson and more.

Hopefully the R-rating sticks, hopefully we get the same amount of ultra-violence, nudity, pacing and storytelling because man, feels like most of us were in our senior year of high school when the first Sin City knocked us on our asses.

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For premieres in theatres on August 22nd.