Sadly, those hoverboards from Back To The Future still don’t exist.

Earlier this week a company called HUVr had a series of YouTube clips go viral, all in the name of working actual hoverboards. Tony Hawk starred in a clip, so did Moby and even Doc Brown himself in Christopher Lloyd. HUVr even had major credentials by having named Mark Cuban as one of their backers. Everything seemed completely legit.

Seemed, sadly being the keyword there.

After some sleuthing from various corners of the hoax checking internet (you know seeing cables, crances and all types of wire chicanery), the truth finally was found and those videos are indeed a hoax. Per CNET,

“On the online portfolio site of >Lauren Biedenharn … the most recent line of her resume reads, “Commercial: Back to the Future HUVR BOARDS.” Her employer and the producer of said commercial: comedy video Web site Funny Or Die.”

Of course like anybody who tends to lose thier sh*t after a hoax blows up in their face, Biedenharn removed the last sentence from her resume but the internet of course catches everything and here’s a copy of it. How else we can determine this is a hoax? On the actual HUVr website there in legalise it says, “we aren’t responsible for anything whatsoever”. Yep, that pretty much is all we needed to know.

Question is, why would someome toy with our emotions like this? Why couldn’t this just be some viral stunt for a future Back To The Future movie? Why, why would they lie?