To be fair, Trakksounds may have his hand on as many notable Houston rap releases in the past two years than any other significant Houston producer. That isn’t a shot or placing a magnifying glass upon those producers who don’t work, it’s a clear fact that Trakk embodies a bit of what made Mike Dean such an underrated fixture in Houston rap: piano keys convey more emotion for the street than any drum ever could.

Rapid Ric may be the same way, a noted DJ who already has a compilation under his belt and the Mixtape Mechanic may figure to be even more prominent after he and Trakk release the sequel to Intervention presented by ThaFixx with a massive feature list including Chamillionaire, Freddie Gibbs, Fiend, Paul Wall, Scarface, Starlito, Killa Kyleon, Devin The Dude, Tum Tum, Doughbeezy and more.

The Intervention 2 process may even feel like an actual coming out party for both Trakk and Ric, looking to expand their relative sounds to far more progressive and futuristic nodes. Trakk won’t leave his piano alone but when it comes to cracking more major production here and there, he might be one of few who can switch it up at a moments notice.