The 2013 film The Purge was both a gift and a curse in the class of movies released last year. A gift, in the sense that its story and premise were refreshing and exciting, and its marketing campaign was ingenious with its Arkham Asylum-esque “warning” posters. It was a curse, however, in that the final product turned out to be underwhelming for most, even as it did well at the box office.

So Universal Pictures is bringing it back this year, perhaps to get it right this time. The Purge: Anarchy looks to be in vein of typical “somewhat sequels” that don’t roll over the characters from the original, but the original director, James DeMonaco, will return to direct the sequel.

What makes this one worth checking out, you ask? The fact that we’ll be on the outside looking in this time, rather than inside looking out. Unlike the original, in which the protagonists were at least able to protect themselves inside of a secured house temporarily while The Purging happened outside, The Purge: Anarchy finds a couple stranded in the streets just before the annual Purge commences. Left to fend for themselves during the ten-hour Purge period, the trailer hints that the couple will face a lot of trouble just to survive the night. It certainly looks like the tension from this one will be much more about the action rather than the moral dilemmas. Not to mention, in addition to lead stars Zach Gilford and Kiele Sanchez, Carmen Ejogo and Michael Kenneth Williams can be expected to add strong contributions as part of the cast, as well.

Prepare to survive the night once more when The Purge: Anarchy hits theaters June 20 July 18, 2014.