Officially endorsed by our EIC Brando as a certified In Your Feelings playlist addition, emerging songstress Mara Hruby’s emotional therapy session on wax known as “Cry Me A River” now has a music video to go along with it.

With Dr. Woo of Light Up Film handling directing duties, the visuals for Hruby’s single show the singer in her real-life childhood home, the song’s subject matter highlighted by the fact that she’s all alone in that big house by herself. Hruby offers cookies, writing through it – with a typewriter. Word to the old-school – and even rolling up as coping mechanisms to deal with heartbreak. But you can’t help but feel just a little sad that that gorgeous woman has to carry her own trash out and down to the bottom of the hill. Hruby’s missing something bad… and rather than fall prey to the big space around her that’s filled with memories, she dolls herself up and hits the road.

The story Mara’s telling – as this is only “Part I” – may continue as more leaks and visuals seep out from her much-awaited Archaic Rapture EP, but for now, no one will be mad if you occupy your emotions. Even on a Friday.