To date, there have been five reported singles for Mastermind, Rick Ross’ upcoming sixth studio effort. There was “No Games” released last September & “Box Chevy” which actually appeared on the web sometime last January. The three singles to follow? “The Devil Is A Lie” which gained the most traction, “War Ready” that was more of a moment about “misconfusion” than a record and “Nobody”, the mythical tap dance over The Notorious B.I.G.’s “You’re Nobody…” from Life After Death.

The last track seemingly can be suited as the actual single for the LP since the other five haven’t pushed the needle as much and as cinematic as it may feel, there’s just something amiss here. Even if there’s plenty of great film aspects about the video, after hearing the album in its entirety for the past few days, we may have to actually sit back and wonder where does The Boss go from here?