Ever since he appeared into my life as a man making a beat with his hands on a porch and letting off some of the best unheard street gospel point blank, Alpoko Don has been considered the best rapper some people may never hear. Here’s why.

Don isn’t studio manufactured. He’s raw, about as soulful as you can get from a man nestled in Greenville, South Carolina and who attacks every verse like a preacher trying to vocally instill the blessings of God in you. He may never sign a major label deal, appear on network TV or any of those things — and that’s perfectly fine. We sort of need those rappers in our lives who eschew the same beaten path. It’s how some rappers go on to becoming celebrated and others just wash away.

However, getting the Don to record new material is something we’ve all wanted, especially if you were a giant fan of thse YouTube videos which are now making their way onto Facebook and other mediums. They even caught the attention of a man Don may find similar backing in: Scarface. In a January interview with Passion Weiss, Don stated how he and Facemob came together for a track, stating “I got tired of everyone saying I sound like Scarface. So Scarface has always been an inspiration for me, and since we sound alike, I reached out to him. Once he found out who I was, it was a go. He was like, “Oh yeah I know you! You were the man beating on the porch! Let’s do it.” He even dropped the price down.”

The result is “Set The Record Straight,” another straight from the porch to the church creation from Don that’s just as raw for his delivery as it is Scarface’s. Cory Mo is behind the boards here, plenty of organs and brooding thoughts as Don’s verse kicks into gear around the end, “Me and my son gangsta, he keep his gun high, His name his Pontiac, if I don’t shoot, my Sunfire.”

Don’s next full length project Straight From The Heart is set to land sometime in the first quarter of 2014. It may not catch the fanfare of a ton of other projects but I’d be hard pressed to believe another tape may have as much emotion attached to it.