Pharrell - G I R L-cover

Slowly but steadily, more and more details have creeped out into the public eye about Pharrell Williams’s upcoming sophomore album, G I R L. The producer-singer-rapper “surprise announced” the album earlier this week, and since then hasn’t been shy at all opening up about what the project will bring with it. Today, Pharrell unveiled the album’s official tracklisting.

Now slated to have 11 tracks as opposed to its original ten, G I R L has Pharrell collaborating with a few of his favorite people. Skateboard P and Justin Timberlake will link up on what is likely to be one of the album’s early anticipated tracks, “Brand New.” He’ll reunite with Daft Punk though honestly he and Daft need to just get a joint EP together and done with to pick up where “Get Lucky” left off on “Dust of Wind.” Alicia Keys joins him on “I Know Who You Are.” And last but not least, Pharrell has a Miley Cyrus feature on “Come Get It,” which in title alone sounds like something that would have fit right on home on Cyrus’s recent Bangerz LP. But hopefully Chad Hugo will be found somewhere within the liner notes…

Allegedly dedicated to women across the world, according to Pharrell, G I R L certainly is amongst the most anticipated releases of the year already. Peep the tracklisting below and mark your calendars accordingly for the album’s arrival on March 5th.

1. Marilyn Monroe
2. Brand New (f. Justin Timberlake)
3. Hunter
4. Gush
5. Happy
6. Come Get It (f. Miley Cyrus)
7. Dust of Wind (f. Daft Punk)
8. Lost Queen
9. Freq
10. I Know Who You Are (f. Alicia Keys)
11. It Girl